Duncton Mill Fishery Wedding Photography

Documentary photographer. Unposed photographs only. No cheesy pics please! It was my only brief for the day.

 A Duncton Mill Fishery Wedding Photography

Finding a connection with the people and/or the places you photograph is paramount. It is only then that your best work surfaces. Confidence, fluidity, empathy, skills, drive, focus, tireless are some of the words to describe the experience when that happens. You are literally in the zone, you feel like you have the blueprints of what is going on before you. Making all the right calls. Being in the right place at the right time. You are dancing. You got this. Gabby and Freddie was one of such events. It felt good.

One of Gabby bridesmaid was Jess, whose wedding I have also photographed. Jess is Freddie's sister. It was a warm sunny day, a gorgeous Saturday of June. When the sun is out in England there's always a feeling of a lucky day.  Reception was held  at the Duncton Mill Fishery  an awesome spread of land overlooking an enchanting little lake in West Sussex, south of England. Favourite part of the wedding for many of the guests was definitely the party where family and friends got together on the dance floor. It was epic.

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