Chateau Engalin Wedding Photography

Chateau Engalin is an amazing 18th-century residence near Mauvazin, an enchanting little village in Occitanie region in southwestern France. Chateau Engalin was the setting of Phoebe and Daniel's wedding weekend. Occitaine is one of the least densely populated region in France, you will be driving for miles before bumping into another car, what a blessing in the middle of Europe's hottest summer to date. We drove from home slowly taking in the change of scenery. Barcelona-Mauvazin in just under 5hrs. It was my first destination wedding photography job since the pandemic hit in 2020 so I was really looking forward to finally meet in person Phoebe and Daniel. A truly amazing couple which I thank for the opportunity to capture their Chateau Engalin Wedding Photography.

My main objective when photographing a wedding is try to record the energy and vibes of the day as it unfolds. A wedding documentary reportage for me is not just a collection of random pretty photos of the day, since the morning I work on building a story, from the first step I take into the venue through my images I record how the location was, where the ceremony will take place, what the dining areas looks like. But what i consider the most important part of my photographic vision is to capture the relationships, connections and interactions that go on during the wedding amongst the bride, groom and all the friends and families.

Below my favourite images from Chateau Engalin Wedding Photography :

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